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Certified 2011 USSF Assignor, Outdoor, Fotsal, US Indoor Assn, and KSHSAA & MSHSAA Soccer Official


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KC assignor was founded on January 1st, 2009 to reflect a new direction in my soccer officiating business. If you do not already know, an assignor is the person that assigns games locally for regional soccer associations, or for regional soccer tournaments. Once certified in 2009 as an assignor, I added that capability to my already hectic schedule of actual officiating 2011 USSF and KSHSAA and MSHSAA soccer matches throughout the Midwest. During the winter seasons, I officiate Indoor and Fotsal games with certifications from both USSF and US Indoor Association. Lastly, although I do not have time to coach recreational or competitive boys or girls soccer teams, I maintain my Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) D and F Certifications. My 2011 goal is to reach the USSF Emeritus rating and become a USSF registered Assessor.

In case you are wondering about my ols company, Maverick Consulting (MC), the name is still in existence and registered with Dunn and Brad Street. MC remains in full compliance with the Missouri Secretary of State as a legitimate "fictitious entity". Unfortunately, the name "Maverick" seems to have taken on a bit of a "taboo" status since John McCain lost his recent Presidential nomination. Similarly, everyone in the area knows that "I" am a the true "Maverick" and available to do any indoor, outdoor, or that new Fotsol indoor games as a referee .... and now even assign games with my "gently used crew" for tournaments. So, in an effort to "Keep it Simple" the name Kc Assignor popped into my head last year. It should also be know that the MC entity will more than likely be pulled back off the shelf for a possible IT comeback in the next few years. If that happens, MC will be a company that specializes in internet security audits specializing with Government identities from the Federal Government to local townships and School District. If not, farewell to the name Maverick .. It has been a long successful road!


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